The Del*te Me! Uncensored photography collaboration is proud to present:

THE DEL*TE ME! UNCENSORED SH*W presents the work of 50 photographers whose art is analogous with not only to the current milieu of contemporary digital and film photography, but also to the intoxicating and bewildering nature of society during this digital explosion.

The Del*te Me! Uncensored (DMU) photography collaboration is highly original. Its stylised sense of humour and biting bitchiness is forming its own movement, a performance art environment within the wider photography world that revolves around a central premiss of a brutal game.

DMU is a world-wide group of photographers, representing twelve countries, who are also engineers, scientists, artists, students, writers, teachers, poets, and soldiers. DMU also has its share of agitators, political activists, clowns, bastards, and celebrity impersonators.

Separated from each other geographically, politically, culturally, economically, and generationally, it would appear that no common theme holds this collection of the abstract, the realist, the mundane, and the extraordinary together.

But this collection is neither ideologically nor mentally isolated.

The work is a reflection of who we are as members of this global community and how people really are, once you dig beneath the surface. The diversity of imagery – from the surreal to captured moments of an ordinary day push us to really explore who we are as individuals and where we are as part of the outside, non-internet world.

Besides caring deeply for photography as an art form, DMU is united by what can only be called a derisive moment...

...The Game.

The DMU collaborators submit their best photographs to an online gauntlet of unbridled, at times personally insulting, critique. Ten saves votes gets you into the portfolio. Ten delete votes and the image is unceremoniously deleted.

Very few photographers can share images they love, and play this game. It’s not for the faint of heart.

It is through the collective unbridled and uncensored critique of each photograph, which is often deeply thoughtful or funny but always ruthless, that the photos for this collective show have been selected.

Now is your opportunity to host the Del*te Me! Uncensored Sh*w, an exhibition of not only the exciting and thought provoking images but also an interactive installation of The Game.

For more information please visit dmushow.awardspace.com,
or contact Caleb Coppola at calebcoppola@gmail.com.